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A Few Things You Can Do To Keep Your Appliance Repair Bills Low

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Having to call for an appliance repair technician because something quit working is not always in the budget. You may be able to go without a washing machine, dryer or dishwasher until you can save the money for a repair. However, going without a refrigerator or stove can not only be uncomfortable, but cost you more than just the repair when you have to eat out. To help reduce the need for appliance repairs, here are a few things you can do.


One of the most common reasons a refrigerator will stop working is because it has been overworked. To help keep yours from cycling too often, adjust the temperature setting so it keep things cold, but does not start to freeze them. If your thermostat is set to the "coldest" setting, try easing it back to a point that still keeps your foods from spoiling. A good way to test this is with a freezer thermometer.


People either have entirely too much stuffed into the freezer, keeping the air from properly circulating around the food. Or there is the other issue of there not being enough food in it to help keep the temperature freezing. To help keep from overstuffing the freezer, put in freezer shelves. While it might be annoying to not have all the room you are accustomed to, your foods will stay frozen and the unit will not have to run as frequently. Ironically, if you do not have enough in the freezer the system will also run too much. A simple trick for this situation is to put a gallon of water in it and let it freeze. The frozen water will help keep the space cold. You can also put a bag of ice inside to keep the unit from running too much.


Cooked, baked and burned food on the stovetop are often the cause of a range that won't turn on. If you have a gas range, be sure to clean the igniters and burners. Anything that blocks the gas will keep your unit from lighting. On an electric stove, carefully pull out the burner and wipe off the prongs. Food particles stuck to the prongs will keep them from connecting properly. It is simple to wipe down the entire stovetop, including the burners and prongs, after every use.

A few simple tasks can keep your appliances running efficiently. They will not only reduce the need for repairs, but will also extend the life of the appliances. They only take a moment or two to do, so what are you waiting for? If you do need to repair your appliances, consider a company like Terry Rickner Appliance Service.