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3 Signs Your Dryer Is In Need Of Repairs

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You depend on your dryer to dry all of the clothes that are fresh out of the washing machine. You expect it to work at all times, but what happens if it starts to act up? How do you handle it? How can you tell there is something wrong with your dryer in the first place? If you aren't sure what's going on with your dryer, see if one of these symptoms might be similar to the symptoms your dryer is experiencing.


One of the main things to figure out when your dryer is really noisy is to determine where the noise is coming from. There are a number of different parts that can cause your dryer to run really loudly. In certain types of electric and gas dryers, the drum is held in place by bearings. There are different types of bearings that hold your drum in position, depending entirely upon which type of dryer you have. Defective bearings can cause your dryer to squeal or squeak. They need to be replaced.

Won't Start

Dryers use a motor to help turn the drum and the blower. When the motor goes bad, it causes your dryer not to start. In fact, you might start hearing a humming noise stemming from the motor winding as it tries to work. A repair technician can come out and perform a voltage test to determine whether the motor is to blame or not. Do not try to figure this out on your own. It requires someone with the necessary tools and experience to mess with voltage.

Not Producing Heat

One of the most frustrating symptoms of all is when your dryer isn't producing heat. When you press the power button, you assume it is going to work properly. If you have an electric dryer, the heating element gives it the heat it needs. This element is encased inside of a metal chamber. It uses an electric coil to deliver heat to the element. When that heating element isn't working properly, it isn't going to produce heat. A service professional will need to test the element to determine if it is bad or not.

Regardless of what might seem to be going on with your dryer, you can turn to a trained service professional who can take a look at the unit for you, determine what needs to be done to fix it, and provide the appropriate appliance repair parts.