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Three Simple Tasks to Complete Before Your Appliance Repair Person Arrives

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When one of the appliances in your home dies, you can greatly reduce the amount of time you'll be inconvenienced if you call a repair person right away. If the repair person is in demand, you might have to wait a few days until the person can visit your home, which is why you shouldn't wait to get on the list. Your next priority is to prepare your appliance and the area around it for the repair work. Appliance repair people charge by the hour, and by performing a few tasks on your own before this person's arrival, you can reduce the length of the visit and possibly lower your bill. Here are three steps.

Pull the Plug

In most cases, there's no point in having your broken-down appliance running in the days leading up to the arrival of the repair person. Keeping the appliance plugged in means it will continue to draw electricity and unnecessarily add to your next utilities bill. Additionally, some appliances will continue to run and might even burn themselves out. If a broken thermostat is the cause of your problematic deep freeze, for example, the appliance's condenser motor can continue to run. This is detrimental because this part of the freezer isn't designed to run consistently, and it might soon wear out.

Empty Out Everything

When the appliance repair person begins assessing the reason for your appliance issue, one of the first steps he or she will perform is to empty out the appliance to allow for greater access. Whether it's a dryer full of heavy clothes, a dishwasher loaded with dirty dishes or a freezer filled with food, many repair jobs require the appliance to be empty before the work begins. In the case of the dryer, for example, the repair person will often have to remove the drive belt and lift out the drum, which necessitates it being empty. Handling these simple tasks on your own is in your best interest.

Clear the Surrounding Area

Clearing the area around your broken-down appliance is partly practical and partly respectful; no appliance repair person wants to sit in a pile of dirty laundry while working on a broken washing machine, so take a few minutes to clean out the laundry room. Additionally, appliances often have to be moved to gain access to their rear. If you have clutter stacked against your deep freeze, the repair person will have to take considerable time to clear the space before reaching the appliance.

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