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Say Goodbye To The Laundromat: How To Create An Inexpensive Laundry Room That's Practical And Pretty

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There are plenty of reasons to dread going to the local laundromat to wash your laundry. You shove your hard-earned money into machines that often fail to work properly, and there's always the fear of having another sweater ruined by a dryer with a faulty temperature control.

You can say goodbye to the laundromat when you create your own laundry room at home. And you can save all the money you used to shove in machines that often worked less than desirably.

Choose used appliances

It's no secret that new appliances are difficult to afford if you're on a tight budget. Visit a used appliance store to shop for a washer and dryer. Most washers and dryers are built to last for long periods of time. Even if you get several years of use from a used appliance, you typically get your money's worth.

When it comes to appearance, most used washers and dryers look as good as new ones. To keep the cost down, look for traditional style washers rather than newer computerized models. Look for top brand names and ask if your used appliance dealer offers any warranties. For more information, contact a used appliance store in your area.

Work space wonders

Storage needs for a laundry room are minimal. A small cabinet installed above the washer and dryer will provide adequate space for essential items.

If you have no room for overhead cabinets, think outside the room. If you have a closet in a nearby hallway or other room, you can use a rolling cart to store your laundry supplies. Simply pull it out on laundry day and return it to the closet when finished.

A small accent table is another option for storing essential laundry items. Since it will be out in the open, you may want to get creative when storing supplies. Visit local yard sales or flea markets to look for kitchen canisters to use for storing soap detergent or detergent pods. Spray paint them in the color of your choice to brighten up the room.

Look for small decorative boxes with lids for storing fabric softener sheets. Large decorative boxes make good hiding places for hangers. The great thing about using decorative boxes is being able to stack them on top of one another to save space.

Pressing needs

Ironing boards that can be hung over a door are good for saving space in the laundry room. Having all of your laundry needs in one area can save you space and time. Store your iron with your other laundry essentials for easy access.

Finishing touches

Look for laundry-themed art prints at flea markets for brightening up a wall. Since most appliances are white or stainless steel, choose bold colors when decorating the room. If your room has a window, look for a colorful window valance to add a pop of color.

A colorful rug can be used in front of the washer and dryer to provide a nice contrast to the solid colored appliances. Choose bold patterns or geometric prints in a variety of colors.

Spending a little time and money creating your own home laundry room will pay off in great rewards. You won't be spending money on machines that don't work right or that ruin your clothes. A practical and pretty laundry room may even help you enjoy the chore of washing clothes a little more.