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Refrigeration Repairs: Why Your Freezer Isn't Cold

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Are you planning to purchase a new freezer for your restaurant because the one that you have is not getting cool anymore? Before you toss out your freezer and deem that it is unusable, you should get it inspected by an appliance specialist in case a simple repair is all that it needs. Discover in this article what can possibly be causing your freezer to not work as it should.

Problems with the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils in your freezer are an important part of the cooling process. They are in place to help get rid of hot air so that it can be cooled down before circulating inside of the freezer. Basically, the condenser coils cause the warm air to dissipate as it is passing through them. It is possible that there is a lot of dirt covering the condenser coils that is preventing them from functioning as they should. They need to be cleaned by a professional, especially if you have never had them cleaned before.

A Dirty or Damaged Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil in your freezer is even more important than the condenser coils. The purpose of the evaporator coil is to make the air that went through the condenser coils cold enough to keep your food frozen. When the refrigerant in your freezer is turned into a gas from a liquid, it is able to make the metal of the coil cold. As air touches the cold coil, it becomes cold as well. The evaporator is either dirty and need to be cleaned, or there may be cracks in it that is preventing cold air from making to the inside of your freezer.

What You Can Expect a Freezer Repair to Cost

Refrigeration repairs by a professional are priced based on the extent of labor that must be done. The labor prices that are common in your region will also affect the price. In zip code region 47474, the total cost for a freezer repair can cost a minimum of a little over $260. Refrigeration repairs in the same region can cost as much as over $320 for a complex job. The price quoted in the article is based on the repair taking the refrigeration contractor a little under three hours to complete the repair. Make sure the freezer in your restaurant is inspected as soon as possible so you will know if you need a new one or not!