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3 Modern AC Solutions To Give Your Home The Most Energy Efficient Cooling Possible

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With the summer heat, you want to be able to keep your home as cool as possible. This also means that you can expect to see an increase on your electricity bills. If you have an older AC, it may be time to consider upgrading your cooling system. This can be a great opportunity to consider energy efficient improvements like geothermal energy to make your new cooling as energy efficient as possible. Here are some modern AC solutions that can give your home the most energy efficient cooling possible:

1. Ductless AC As An Ideal Solution For Smaller Homes

For most small and average size homes, a ductless AC system can be a great choice for an energy efficient cooling solution. There are even many major appliance brands like Whirlpool, which make ductless AC systems. This can be great for repairs and maintenance, because finding spare parts can be an easy task. The parts can also be affordable and interchangeable with other appliances in your home. This can be good if you are considering automation and want to interconnect the controls of various appliances and mechanical systems in your home.

2. Combo Hybrid Evaporative Coolers For Maximum Efficiency In Dry Climates

Another option that you may want to consider if you live in a dry climate is an evaporative cooler. Today, there are even hybrid systems made by major brands like Whirlpool. These hybrid systems combine the benefits of evaporative cooling, with conventional air conditioning to provide your home with the maximum energy efficiency when it comes to cooling your home.

3. Geothermal HVAC To Cool And Heat Your Home With Less Energy

Another option that you may want to consider for your home is a cooling system that uses geothermal energy. This is a system that use a loop of pipes called a ground loop, which circulates liquid beneath the ground to act as a heat exchanger. It can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC, but it is also one of the more costly options due to the work required for installing a ground loop.

These are some modern AC solutions to give your home the most energy efficient cooling possible. Ductless AC systems can be a great choice for an AC in a smaller home. If you need help finding parts for your whirlpool ductless AC, you contact a whirlpool appliance parts service company like Automatic Appliance to get the parts you need for repairs. Talk with them about a used AC system to add energy efficiency to your home's cooling.