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Things To Check On Your Washing Machine Before You Call An Appliance Repair Service

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When your washing machine acts up, it's nice to know that help in the form of an appliance repair service is just a call away. This is especially the case if you have a large family with constant laundry needs. While you might be eager to arrange a repair visit as soon as you notice a problem with your washing machine, it's a good idea to perform a series of checks before you make the call. In some cases, you'll be able to identify the simple problem that is plaguing the machine — and get it back to working order quickly. Here are some things to check on your washing machine.

Is A Button Pressed Without Your Knowledge?

If you're pressing one of the buttons on the washing machine and getting no response, it could indicate a serious problem — or it could be the result of something that is easy to solve. On some machines, if one button is already pressed, you won't be able to use another button. In this case, pressing the "Cancel" button can undo the pressing of any buttons that you inadvertently pressed. On older models with large buttons, check if a button is partially pressed down. If it's stuck halfway, it will need to be pressed again.

Has The Laundry Room Circuit Breaker Tripped?

If you have a washing machine that lights up, you might be concerned if none of the buttons illuminate upon being pressed. This isn't necessarily a sign of a broken-down machine. It's also possible that the circuit breaker for the laundry room has tripped without your knowledge. Flick the light switch for the room and check if the light turns on; if not, it's likely a circuit breaker problem. Go to your breaker panel, find the tripped breaker and flip it back into the "On" position.

Are The Water Hoses Turned Off?

A washing machine that won't begin filling is a concern, but you should always check the two water hoses leading to the rear of the machine before calling a repair technician. There's a chance that your spouse or significant other turned off the handles above the water hoses; some people like to take this step when the house will be empty, as it can prevent a leak that causes damage before it's spotted. Ideally, you'll notice that the water is off. Turn the handles back on and set the machine; it should begin filling up.